1. By following the instructions, the first difficulty shows after finishing bulding the app, there will need a network connection to finish the configuration. You either have to using a proxy or change the source. Otherwise, the Build & Refresh button will not show up.
  2. The project view a very useful, for you can view different files in different structures. The most impressed is the "Project Source Files".
  3. Functions and parameters a especially important.
    3.1 onCreate() is the entrance to the App, and it will call other functions to construct UI.
    3.2 setContent() can define layout by groupable functions. It will call any function with @composable notation.
    3.3 DefaultPreview() is used with @Preview notation, together will the (showBackgroud = True) parameter.
    3.4 Surface container.
    3.5 To import some libraries, you have to type those codes first(or with Alt+Enter near the property it calls),then optimize them in help-optimize Import.
    3.6 The value and its attributes are like this (color = Color.Magenta)
    3.7 The parameter Modifier will be used for enrich or decorate groupable items.
  4. For old freshman, these are not easy, but it is fun.
  5. More learnings are here.


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